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Which kid would want to sit through 4 hours of academics on a Saturday afternoon and still come home full of bouncing goodness? Thank you for making Ryan laugh! His reduced math anxiety since joining you is an added bonus! Well done! Go Score!


Ryan's Mother (Pri 5, 2016)

About Us

We are a bunch of people with a common belief – that learning can be better that what it is now.

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The Next Level

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All our kids go through an experience with us. An experience that they will never forget, an experience that you do not want them to miss out on. This is what you can expect your child to go through with us:

1) Academic Sessions for English, Math and Science
2) Fun & Exciting Holiday Programs
4) Academic Bootcamps
4) 7D6N Overseas Camp
5) Online Learning Portal

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Classroom Without Walls

the future classroom initiative

If you are a teacher, you will love this. This is years of research and experience compiled in 1 document, Just for you to explore new options to enhance learning.

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My 4yr old daughter loved the activities, friends and the teachers during the science camp! Glad we tried it as it was a different experience for her.

Glaine, Andy's Father

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