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Every organisation has a set of beliefs which guide them throughout. We have ours too.

Learning is a change in behavior as a result of an experience.

Learning made fun, simple and useful.

Connecting students around the world through learning.

Children want learning to be fun. Children want to make more friends. Children want their opinions to be heard. Score Campus combines these to create a learning space for students.

We do not understand the need to instill fear and negative stress associated with learning today. Score Campus creates the opportunity for everyone to change the way we learn.

Let’s enable teachers, parents and students to learn together, globally. We’re taking learning to the next level.

Thank you for teaching and encouraging me always. You have always made the day fun for me and sometimes when I do not understand the question, you all make sure that I understand the question and encourage me to do better. Thank you: 🙂

Angelin, Student with Score Campus, P4 in 2016

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