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You may have tried everything – private tuition, group tuition and even motivational camps. Nothing seems to be working. Do you give up then? No. Never. You should now find out a way to make your child responsible, independent and motivated!

Dear parent,

1. Did you hope for good grades for your child in 2017, but you were disappointed? And he seem to be rather relaxed about his grades despite the drop in results?

2. Were you constantly nagging and screaming at your child to study last year? And your relationship has become more strained; and worse, you feel like you are losing him more and more each day?

3. Do you aspire to drastically improve your child’s grades in 2017? But it seems like you have exhausted all your means?


If this is familiar to you, please read on. Because like many parents who found out in 2016, this might be the opportunity for you to turn your child’s life, and yours, around.

First, you did the right thing to be reading this. This shows your commitment in helping your child. Only motivated parents do what it takes to make sure their children succeed in their schoolwork, and later in life.

Second, let me assure you I am not selling you a magical formula that will instantly change your child into a top student. There is no such system.

Third, know that you are not alone in this. Many parents are in your shoes. However, the crucial thing is your decision to take action to help your child… or not!

Before I continue, let me introduce myself and what I do.

Hi, I’m Arjun, Dean of Academics at Score Campus. Along with my colleagues, we have continually been researching on how children learn best, so that we create the best contents to ensure that they excel in their studies.

We are responsible for learning revolutions like Let’s Flip and Go Score using renowned teaching techniques such as Flipped Learning.

Over the course of our work, we have helped thousands of students in Singapore and many other countries such as the US, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

We have also given lectures of our study pedagogy at many top schools locally.

At Score Campus, we not only teach or tutor; we coach!

Through our years of experience, our world-class coaching has helped many children from various backgrounds find their right character, attitude and beliefs in learning, and importantly, in life. Every one of our student has become confident, determined and independent. Following that naturally, their grades improve.

Score Campus is sought after by global educators to educate them in best practices of learning. If the world chooses us to learn from, we are sure your children are in good hands.



“There are coaches and trainers who follow a system, a method or some procedures. And then there are the coaches of Score Campus who just will give it everything they have to see a child through. That’s what they did for my son. I thought I lost him but all I can say now is thank you.”

Mrs Ellis, Dallas-Texas, USA, Mother of the athletically gifted Corey Ellis


“Do not mess around with the coaches at Score Campus. They mean business! When you engage them, you are in for an experience. We expected good coaching but this was a whole other level. “

CR Vishwanathan, Chairman of Indian Football Federation

We Can Help Your Child in 2017

like the many we transformed the last 2 years!


Every learning centre offers more or less these things: they have the best teachers, they possess a proprietary system that is proven, and they will deliver their promised results.

To us at Score Campus, these are given! What makes us highly-effective in transforming our students are these 8 unique points:

1. Character Development

Most centres work on improving your child’s grades through academic tutoring. At Score Campus, we believe that in addition to that the student’s character has to be worked on too. Who needs tuition if your child is already Independent, Motivated, Determined? This is what sets us apart from the rest. With this done, your child will then be imbued with he knowledge and character to succeed in studies and in LIFE!

With this, all our students undergo at least 120 hours of Character Development with us. This is done in a camp and also on a weekly basis. Let’s get them Motivated, Independent and Determined!

2. Revolutionary Learning Technique

After school, your child attends another school in the form of a group tuition. How much can he improve by doing more of the same thing? At Score Campus, we adopt the award-winning Flipped Learning pedagogy by having your child learn the simple stuff using videos at home, and conduct the discussions, experiments and play in our classroom. This study technique has been used to produce amazing results in the US in at least 50% of their institutions.

With this, the classroom becomes more engaging. The kids are talking, having fun and learning. They are teaching one another, learning from one another, looking for the answers online. The classroom becomes an interactive space for learning to happen.

3. Relationships

We use cosmetics to cover up our flaws in more than one ways. However, we know that in the long run, it will do us more harm than good. The same goes with these impressionable minds. If we do not find the root cause of the low grades, carelessness, stress and carefree attitude, we will never reach the desired outcome.

You would have tried many things but nothing seems to have worked so far. Correct? So how then are we sure?

We build a close relation with our students. We understand the needs of each individual kid and work with them as per their needs. We care for the child here. We want them to smile. We want them to be happy. We understand their pain so that we can give them the right advice. This bond that we form with them cannot be replaced with anything else.

4. Quick on Foot

We plan and plan and plan. In the end, one thing does not go according to plan and the whole plan gets wasted. As much as we plan, life is full of uncertainty. Score Campus coaches are quick thinkers and act as per the situation. They rarely find themselves in a spot, which helps them make each class more interesting. You will surprised but our students feel that the lesson that we have for them, which is 4.5h long, is too short for them!

5. We are for everyone

Many parents spend $5,400 or more a year just for their children’s tuition! During the school holidays, they can easily pay another $1,000 for a 4 day camp.

When you have a chat with us, you will think we are crazy to include all these in our package:

  • 160 hours of world-class coaching spread over 40 weeks of academic lessons of not 1, not 2, but 3 subjects!
  • 68 hours of character development, including our much-acclaimed Personality Diagnostic!
  • Entire year’s curriculum worth of lessons worked into bite-sized videos, notes and quizzes that your child can access anytime and anywhere!
  • Access to the highly-effective Flipped Learning pedagogy, that even the ex-Education Minister was raving about!
  • Free access to our revolutionary campus designed and built especially to facilitate children’s learning (not necessarily for the teacher’s teaching)!
  • Usage of one-of-a-kind tablets specially developed by Microsoft!
  • Multi-day Peak Performance Camp, conducted overseas (tbc).
  • 24 hours of Academic Boot Camp.
  • … and much, much more!

And all these will be available to you and your child, in 2017, for a fraction of the price of what many parents pay for elsewhere!

6. We get blamed for everything, and we take it. 

The moment you come in to talk to us, until the moment you leave, you will realise one thing. We are here for the kids. We want to help them. Not just in academics. Because of that, we take responsibility for your child. We are the fall guys. We do not only get blamed for low grades, but also if they talk back at home, or if they show tantrums in school, or if they are rude to you. This really only happens because we allow it, and because we take responsibility for the ultimate development of your child, and not just their grades.

7. We are NOT the best…

Score Campus is not no. 1. So why go with us? We try harder. We have to as we are not the biggest. We cannot afford to have boring classes. Or less attention to your child. Or no progress. Or no smiles on their faces.

The thing we try hard for is to be nice. To get your child started off with us with a smile on their faces. Because we are not the best, you can be sure that you will get more from us than from anyone else.


Score Campus is the place where your child can come to learn educational concepts, but that is not it. They also learn another very important lesson – how to live life. They make friends, they have fun and they learn. Our classrooms are designed to cater to the needs of every child. They can choose to sit on the chair on stand. They can walk around, or stay still.

We know our kids love coming here because they say so. One thing we can assure you is that you do not need to force your kids to come to Score Campus. They will come here with a smile on their face.

Discover How Score Campus Can Help Your Child Drastically Improve His Grades Through Your

Private Consultation




“I thought the personality diagnostics given at our consultation session was wonderful! I’m now aware of how to help my son improve in his weaknesses. Thank you for making us aware of his personality and what we need to work on!”

Janice, Homemaker and Proud Mother of Keane

What You Should Do Today

To Help Your Child in 2017


I understand that you could have tried everything to help your child last year. You have coached him, sent him to a tuition centre or even quit your job to spend more time with him.

You might be on the verge on giving up all hope.

But you must not! The most important thing is that you must never give up on your child! If your child needs help and does not know how to, you are the only person who can show him, guide him, and encourage him. If you do not take action, there will never be improvement.

Now in 2017, let my team and I at Score Campus show you the how we can help your child improve his grades drastically.

Let’s discover what you and your child get to achieve by reserving and attending your Private Consultation session with us.

First, you will get to uncover your child’s true personality. In doing so, you and your child will know the right way to study. He will become naturally motivated over time, so you won’t need to worry about tutoring your child to do the difficult homework that he brings home.

Second, you won’t risk damaging your relationship with your child any further. By also knowing how to apply the Flipped Learning technique, he will become interested to learn. He will gain his own motivation to study and do research by himself without your nagging, scolding and screaming.

Third, when you and your child reinforce this enough, you will witness a miraculous change in your child’s character, attitude and beliefs. If he has been quiet or timid, you will see him change into a confident student. If he has been directionless with his life, you’ll be surprised with the determination he will muster. If he has always needed constant pokes and pushes to do anything, you won’t believe how he’ll transform into the more independent person you have also hoped for!


Private Consultation with Score Campus


Date and Time: Strictly by Appointment Only

Venue: Score Campus

228 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574360

My fellow coaches and I at Score Campus mean business. We have coached thousands of children here in Singapore and in many other countries, so we know our results. We are confident that our experience has granted us the knowledge to help you help your child, whatever his situation and background. 



“My son is a student at Hwa Chong. He was not performing well in the IP, as he showed more interest to the TV. His teacher had informed us about his poor progress in school. We had tried a few programs on motivation and skills but they did not work for him. My son never liked any of the programs.
I have to say I was surprised when I enrolled my son in your program. With Score Campus, he looked forward to attend your class!
He is now in the Hwa Chong soccer team, and getting distinctions for all his exams at the same time. Your program is something he really needed and I sincerely thank you, Score Campus!”

Mrs Chua, Businesswoman and Mother of 2 Graduates at Score Campus


“Last year, I spent $15,000 on tuition on my son, Akbar, and he had not made any progress at all. I heard of you guys from another parent and I enrolled my son in your programme. In 5 months, believe it or not, Akbar went from scoring 14/100 in Math to 76/100! I kept asking what was the secret and the coaches said that Akbar has great parents. Thank you so much, Score Campus!”

Mr. Iqbal, Associate Director at AIA, and Father of the Akbar.

“My son, Hafiz, was a quiet and timid boy who was unsure about his studies. We often wondered if he would even pass his N-Levels.
After your programme, Hafiz is now a 3 X Triathlon participant, 3 X Taekwando Champion and Best Trainee at the Home Team Academy. He was also secured a place to do his degree in SIM.
I am so proud of him and I will like to thank Score Campus very much for opening up this leadership path to him!”

Zul Jay, Businessman and Proud Father of Hafiz

“I gave the coaches at Score Campus the toughest assignment; something no one else had been able to do. We did not have a teacher daring enough to teach this one class. You can say they just could not be taught by anyone.
After the coaches of Score Campus took over, it was just like magic from then. Those kids attended their classes vigilantly and for the first time in years, passed their exam.
I was very proud that I was the first principal to work with this team. “

Mr. Subramaniam, Principal of MPSS


“I use to console my girl, Hwee Ming, that it is ok to be in Normal Technical stream. But it was obvious she had lost all her motivation when she beg not to go to school.
Not until she saw you guys at her school. Hwee Ming was with your for 4 years. She progressed to the Normal Academic stream on the 2nd year. On the 3rd year, she jumped again to Express. Lastly, for her O-Levels, she scored 11 points!
I still cannot believe my daughter had done it. I thanked the coaches many many times, but they kept saying that it was all Hwee Ming’s work ethic and attitude! “

Mr. Tay, Taxi Driver and Father of Hwee Ming


At this point, I know you will be interested to find out the price of the Private Consultation.

Ordinarily, our private sessions in discovering a child’s personality is valued at $68. And our Flipped Classroom Workshops have been priced at $78. Not including the fees for the services our coaches will provide, I think you won’t disagree that the usual price of $58 we had charged for a session is fair. In fact, I am confident our appointments will fill up after many like-minded parents read this page.


If You Don’t Help My Child, Who Will?


I know as with any caring or concerned parent, you want the best for your child. You want him to be motivated in his studies. You want him to drastically improve his grades in 2016. You want him to achieve something in life you never had the opportunity to do so.

But you may think that $58 is a substantial amount for you to invest in for your Private Consultation.

Because Score Campus and I are committed to helping parents like you transform your child to become a better learner, a better scorer and a better person, we will be making it unbelievably easy for you and your child to decide to reserve a Private Consultation session.

So instead of the usual price of $58, you will be able to reserve and attend for your Private Consultation session for free! Yes, there’s absolutely no charge!

And what’s more, the session will be for the entire family! In fact, we strongly encourage for both parents to attend with your children, so that both of you will benefit at the same time!

But this offer is not going to last forever. We will rescind this offer once our classes are filling up.

If you have read this page up to this point, it already shows how serious and committed you are in wanting to help your child. So, don’t hesitate anymore. Reserve your appointment for your Private Consultation with Score Campus now!

Private Consultation with Score Campus


Date and Time: Strictly by Appointment Only

Venue: Score Campus, 

228 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574360


You have already done so much for your child in his lifetime. All it takes for you to bring him to the next level, is just to reserve your Private Consultation session with us now.

Together with Score Campus, I truly believe your child is ready to transform into the better learner, the better scorer and the better person he has always been meant to be.

I will see you soon!


Arjun Singh
Dean of Academics,
Score Campus

Your Child Will Thank You For Helping Him / Her

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